ReMI Obtains Financing from Prompt for Distributed AI Project

ReMI has just obtained a new partnership agreement with Prompt for the financing of the project ‘Distributed AI for Mobile Ad Hoc Clouds’ for Professor Mohamed Faten Zhani at ETS University. The funding is under Prompt’s Partenar-IA program. This program aims to accelerate the design and development of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies by Quebec companies by participating in the funding of collaborative research projects. Professor Zhani and his team, in collaboration with McGill University and engineers at Ultra, will work to develop ad-hoc networks comprised of mobile devices that will allow data to be collected, routed, shared and analyzed efficiently, as well as to execute dynamic machine learning algorithms without requiring fixed infrastructure.

Prompt’s mission is to stimulate university-industry Research and Development (R&D) partnerships that increase the competitiveness of the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) industry.

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